8 Mexico Elopement Ideas that will make you rethink a Traditional Wedding

2020 has been a crazy year for getting married! The COVID pandemic has postponed and canceled weddings, reduced guestlists, or moved everything onto Zoom! Destination weddings, in particular, have been affected by travel restrictions. While we are all learning to adapt, we don’t believe that you should give up on your wedding dreams. We are here to inspire you with some amazing elopement ideas!

An elopement is usually a small wedding, most often just the couple, though a few close family members sometimes attend. Elopements are often less formal than a traditional wedding. One thing is for sure, with a smaller guest list there are far fewer people to please! No need to worry about what aunt Suzie and uncle Bob think. Ask any couple after their wedding if they were surprised by how much influence their family and friends had on how their wedding turned out. Spoiler – it’s WAY more than you would ever expect. Elopements give you the freedom to fully express yourself, indulge your tastes, and focus on each other.

Elopements are also budget-friendly. With fewer mouths to feed, you can splurge in other areas like a gorgeous dress and amazing location or the photographer of your dreams. Planning is also simplified as the wedding reception portion of the day pretty much goes away. Elopements can be religious, spiritual, playful, or even SECRET! There are no rules, and no limits more than your imagination.

Here are 8 Mexico elopement ideas to inspire you to start planning today!